About Us

The name says it all...

What a Refund, Inc. offers total income tax preparation services for individuals and businesses alike.


Who We Are

At What a Refund, Inc., we count on over 30 years of accounting and tax preparation experience. Certified Tax Preparer Willie Caceres has handled thousands of clients’ financial needs, from all income brackets, and can provide you with his vast knowledge and insight into the latest income tax strategies.


Vast Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Willie Caceres is an expert in every area of taxation, including individual, estate, partnership, corporate, federal, state and local taxes.

You’re in the right hands when you choose What A Refund.


Latest Strategies

Keeping up to date with the latest tax laws is vital, and at What A Refund, Inc. we’re continually researching to find the best ways to save you money on your tax return. Certified Tax Preparer Willie Caceres understands the intricacies and can make your refund look substantially larger than years past.

Whether it’s personal or for business, What A Refund can accurately and efficiently prepare your tax returns. We can also handle estate, gift and trust returns, sales tax reporting and much more!

Accuracy Guarantee:

If we make a mistake on your federal or state income tax returns we will pay the penalties and interest on any additional tax caused by our error. We will not pay the additional tax since this would have been owed by you even if the return had been prepared correctly. In order to qualify for the refund of penalties and interest you must send us a copy of any notice received from the government within ten days of receipt and provide us with any information needed to respond to the notice.

Our Guarantee:

If you are not happy with our service for any reason, we will refund any funds paid to What a Refund, Inc.

The guarantees does not apply to interest and penalties which are a result of additional taxes that are accessed as a result of: incorrect, incomplete or misleading information which you provided us. Failure by you to provide the government the information required to support items on your tax returns. Failure to file return and pay your taxes on a timely basis.

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